You're My Hero is the main theme of Sonic 3D Blast recorded by Debbie Morris. It refers to the flickies in the game and Sonic's role as "their hero".

Lyrics Edit

I was trapped inside for so very long
How did things turn out so wrong?
You came along to save the day
I knew that it would be okay
My knight in shining armor came
My night would never be the same


Cause you're a hero
You came to rescue me
And now you've set me free
There's so much here that I wanna make you see
You're my hero
Don't ever let me go
I just want you to know
There's so much inside and I wanna let it show
And now I owe so much to you
Is there anything that I can do
I want to show you that I can
When you need me I'll be there
I hope that you don't go away
I'll always wish that you would stay

(repeat chorous x2)

You're My Hero...

Music Video Edit

thumb|300px|left|Debbis Morris - You're My Hero