Waking Up is the ending theme for the neutral path in Shadow the Hedgehog.

Performance Edit

It is a song that suits Shadow, whom believes he is an android and wants to rule an android empire. The voice that sings the song is very similar to Shadow's, and the second voice is possibly that of E-123 Omega. It is also a neutral song as it has heroic aspects as well as dark ones. It is performed by Julien-K, who also wrote the song "This Machine"

Lyrics Edit

Waking up, breaking out
(This is what it's like to be free)
Rip it up; tear it down (This is what it means to be free)

Jet sounds a distant roar behind you
As you try to clear your head
You start to look and answers find you Your inner purpose lies ahead


One step to calm a storm inside you
Unlock the secrets in your head
Not another day, no more
Confusion No more living like we're dead

It seems it's just out of sight
Those with answers always get their way
Well I think they should know
That we're coming for them Now


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