Game Info Edit

Sonic1 title
Sonic the Hedgehog is a platform game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for the Mega Drive/Genesis system. It is the inaugural game in Sega's flagship Sonic the Hedgehog video game series, and was the first title developed by Sonic Team. The game was released in 1991 in North America, Europe, and Japan. It is sometimes retroactively referred to as Sonic the Hedgehog 1 or Sonic 1 to differentiate it from both its main character and sequels in the same series.

Track List Edit

1:Title Screen - 0:09
2:Green Hill Zone - 1:44
3:Marble Zone - 1:26
4:Spring Yard Zone - 1:32
5:Labyrinth Zone - 1:22
6:Starlight Zone -1:38
7:Scrap Brain Zone - 2:37
8:Boss - 0:54
8:Final Zone - 0:48
9:Special Stage - 1:16
10:Act Passed - 0:06
11:Extra Life - 0:03
12:Chaos Emerald - 0:02
13:Invincibility - 0:41
14:Drowning - 0:11
15:Continue - 0:09
16:Game Over - 0:12
17:Ending 1 - 0:18
18:Ending 2 - 2:0

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