609px-Sonic R OST

Sonic R album was released 21st Jan. 1998, It features songs and menu music from the game Sonic R Music being composed by Richard Jacques and songs sung by T.J. Davis

Tracks Edit

1. Can You Feel the Sunshine? (5:04)
2. Living in the City (4:47)
3. Back in Time (4:32)
4. Work it Out (4:38)
5. Diamond in the Sky (4:55)
6. Super Sonic Racing (4:03)
7. Number One (4:00)
8. Start Fanfare (0:08)
9. End Fanfare (0:11)
10. Options Screen (0:57)
11. Work it Out (Red Raw Mix) (7:24)
12. Super Sonic Racing (X-TRA Club Mix) (6:04

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