Kenichi Tokoi (left) with Runblebee (right) in the studio.

Runblebee is a lyricist and vocalist, who has contributed to some recent Sonic Games. He is usually heard performing with Kenichi Tokoi and sometimes Fumie Kumatani.

Sonic and the Secret Rings Edit

Main Theme (lyrics)
"Seven Rings In Hand"
Ending Theme (lyrics)
"Worth a Chance"
Sand Oasis BGM
"Let the Speed Mend It"
Dinosaur Jungle BGM
"The Wicked Wild"
Evil Foundry BGM
"The Palace That Was Found"
Pirate Storm BGM
"No Way Through"
Skeleton Dome BGM
"The White Sky"
Night Palace BGM
"Unawakening Float"
Sand Scorpion Boss Music
"Poison Spear"
Ifrit Golem Boss Music
"How it Started"
Captain Bemoth Boss Music
"Blue On The Run"
Erazor Djinn Boss Music
"It Has Come To This"

Other songs Edit

Sonic Riders
"Sonic Speed Riders"::"Catch Me If You Can"
Zero Gravity
"Sonic Speed Riders"::"Catch Me If You Can"

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