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Lost and Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax (ロスト アンド ファウンド シャドウ・ザ・ヘッジホッグ ヴォーカル トラックス Rosuto Ando Faundo Shadou Za Hejjihoggu Vōkaru Torakkusu?) is a video game soundtrack album released as a CD in February 2006. The album contains seven songs, six directly from the game and one remix.

Track Listing Edit

01 "I Am (All of Me)" by Crush 40 (Trailer theme, main game theme, and final boss theme) – 3:50
02 "Almost Dead" by Powerman 5000 (Dark and Pure Dark ending theme) – 3:24
03 "Waking Up" by Julien-K (Neutral ending theme) – 3:20
04 "E.G.G.M.A.N. Doc Robeatnix Mix" by REMIX Factory featuring Paul Shortino (Doctor Eggman's theme; featured in a brief cutscene) – 3:38
05 "Chosen One" by A2 (Hero ending theme) – 4:11
06 "All Hail Shadow" by Magna-Fi (Pure Hero ending theme) – 3:23
07 "Never Turn Back" by Crush 40 (Final ending theme) – 3:58

Notes Edit

  • 2005: All Hail Shadow - released on Lost & Found: Shadow the Hedgehog Vocal Trax; pure hero story theme song on Shadow the Hedgehog. A second song was recorded for the game titled "Who I Am", But was replaced by Crush 40 song "I Am (All of Me)". "Who I Am" later appear on 2007 album "VerseChorusKillMe" with a different guitar solo because C.J Szuter left the band (MAGNA-FI) and was replaced by Chris Brady.
  • The Hero ending theme was originally planned to be a song called "Broken"; however, it was later replaced with "Chosen One."

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