Gotta Go Fast is 4Kids Entertainment's version of the Sonic X opening theme. It is performed by Norman J. Grossfield. A shortened version of this song was used for the ending theme. It was written by Norman J. Grossfeld, Joseph Garrity, and Russell Velázquez

Lyrics Edit

Go go go go go go go

Gotta go fast!
Gotta go fast!
Gotta go faster, faster
Faster, faster, faster!

Moving at speed of sound (Make tracks)
quickest hedgehog around.
Got ourselves a situation,
stuck in a new location!

Without any explanation,
no time for relaxation!

Don't, don't, don't

Don't blink, don't think,
So just go, go, go, go g-g-g-g-go go!

n-n-n-n-n na na
n-n-n-n-n na na

Sonic, he's on the run
Sonic, he's number one
Sonic, he's he coming next
So watch out for Sonic X!

Gotta go fast (Sonic)
Gotta go fast (Sonic)

Gotta go faster, faster, faster-faster-faster
Go-g-go-g-go go go go go!

Soooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnniccccccc X!

Gotta go fast
Gotta go faster, faster faster-faster
Sonic X

Music Video Edit