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Face to Faith: Sonic and the Black Knight Vocal Trax is the official vocal songs soundtrack for the video game Sonic and the Black Knight. It was released on April 8, 2009, by Wave Master in Sega Direct Stores in Japan. It features five vocal tracks that were featured in the game, as well as "Seven Rings in Hand ~Fairytales in Trance~" by Bentley Jones and "With Me ~Massive Power Mix~" by Crush 40 as brand new bonus tracks created especially for the album.

Tracks Edit

1. Knight of the Wind (Crush 40)
2. Fight the Knight (Crush 40)
3.Through the Fire (Crush 40)
4. With Me (Emma Gelotte & Tinna Karlsdotter ft. Marty Friedman)
5. Live Life (Crush 40, 5:38)
6. Seven Rings in Hand ~Fairytales in Trance~ (Bentley Jones)
7. With Me ~Massive Power Mix~ (Crush 40, 3:57)
8. Knight of the Wind (Instrumental) (Crush 40, )
9. With Me (Instrumental) (Emma Gelotte & Tinna Karlsdotter ft. Marty Friedman, )
10. Live Life (Instrumental) (Crush 40)

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