Chao Race Extended Mix
600px-Multi dimensional SA2 ost

Album artwork and audio
Sonic Adventure 2
Artists Tomoya Ohtani (composer & remix)
Fumie Kumatani (composer & remix)
Kenichi Tokoi (composer)
Associated with Chao

Chao Race Extended Mix [Chao's Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix] is a medley of all Chao Racing themes from Sonic Adventure 2. They were remixed together by Tomoya Ohtani and Fumie Kumatani, featuring Chao voice sound effects during the transitions.

The individual song breakdown is as follows:

0:05-1:38 Challenge Race (Tomoya Ohtani)
1:38-3:08 Hero Race (Fumie Kumatani)
3:10-4:32 Dark Race (Kenichi Tokoi)
4:32-5:54 Beginner/Jewel Race (Kenichi Tokoi)
6:03-6:42 Chao Transporter (Tomoya Ohtani)

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