Advertise: SA2 ver.C
600px-Multi dimensional SA2 ost

Album artwork and audio
Sonic Adventure 2
Artists Jun Senoue (composer & guitar)
Takashi Taneda (bass)
KATSUJI (drums)
Genre Rock
BPM 88
This article is about the stage selection screen theme from Sonic Adventure 2. For other uses, see SA2 (disambiguation).

Advertise: SA2 ver.C is a menu theme from Sonic Adventure 2. It plays during the stage selection screen. It has roughly the same BPM as the title screen theme and the main menu theme, allowing for easy transitions through the menus.

It also plays as an event theme in the cutscene just before Final Rush, when Sonic tells Knuckles about his last-ditch plan to disable the Eclipse Cannon on Space Colony ARK.

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