-GUN- Mobile
600px-Multi dimensional SA2 ost

Album artwork and audio
Sonic Adventure 2
Artists Jun Senoue (composer & guitar)
Takeshi Taneda (bass)
Genre Electronic rock
BPM 87

-GUN- Mobile is a boss theme from Sonic Adventure 2. It plays during all three boss battles with GUN robots: Sonic's fight with F-6t Big Foot, Shadow's fight with B-3x Hot Shot, and Rouge's fight with R-1/A Flying Dog.

The song also plays as an event theme on Space Colony ARK, when Sonic's radio conversation with Tails is interrupted by Eggman taking Amy hostage in the abandoned lab, and later when Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, and Eggman realize they have to stop the ARK or it will crash into and destroy the Earth.

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